Why aren’t we careful about what we say?

You cannot understand the position of Molla Sadra

At the time when Imam Khomeini would teach rational theology at the Salmasi Mosque in Qum in the evenings, he was informed that during the lectures some of the theology students had made insulting remarks about Molla Sadra (a renowned Shiite scholar). In response, the Imam angrily admonished and forbade them from disrespecting the great men of religion stating: “You cannot understand (the position of) Molla Sadra. Molla Sadra was able to solve those problems that (the likes of) Abu Ali Sina (Avicenna) was unable to solve. Why aren’t we careful about what we say?”

Narrator: Ayatollah Mohammad Reza Tavassoli

Source: Exclusive Memoirs from Imam Khomeini’s Life, vol. 2, p. 3

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