Imam didn’t like taking picture of him

Imam didn’t like taking picture of him

When in exile in Najaf Imam was frequently asked for some picture of him for the followers in Iran.

Late Hojat-al-Islam Ferdowsipur a friend and follower of Imam, who’s accompanied him in Najaf said: Imam didn’t like taking picture of him while for people were not simply allowed to visit and giving service to him, finding a photographer wasn’t that easy either.

We spoke to Imam and somehow did manage to get his consent for taking his picture, then searched for a photographer; a grocery owner whom supplied our needs in part introduced one. The photographer came to Imam’s residence with his permission and took some 8 frames of him one day. The pictures that we copied more and sent to Iran by the time and still in Iranian media are used sometimes too.

We never heard anything about that photographer afterward but the guy of the grocery of Iranian origin got in serious trouble later. After victory of revolution one day his youngest son came to Imam’s office with his mother told us that his brother and father had been killed, asked for a place to stay in Mashhad, I introduced him to the authorities there to help him.

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