International Conference of Imam Khomeini and Protection of Palestine

Chairman of the Conference: Hujjat-al-Islam, Aliakbar Muhtashamipour
Time of Observation: 12-13 Khordad 1381
Place of Conference: Conference Auditorium, Tehran

In the two-day conference about protection of Palestine, which was organized by the initiative of the Center for the veneration of the 13thAnniversary of Imam Khomeini’s Demise, over 160 outstanding thinkers, politicians and authorities from 25 countries of the world, more than 500 foreign students resident in Tehran as well as some high-ranking domestic civilian and military personalities attended the meeting. The speakers investigated and assessed in their speeches perspectives, opinions and tactics that could be used to support the Palestinian rising and the way how Palestinians could emancipate themselves from and how to fight the usurping Zionist regime.


  • Publication “Hozur” No. 40, Special Edition for the Conference about Protection of Palestine and its Emancipation

The fortieth edition of quarterly Hozur specific of the conference of Imam Khomeini and the support of Palestinians was published on the occasion of the 13th anniversary of the Imam’s demise comprising the following subjects:

  1. Imam Khomeini’s Perspectives about the Islamic Revolution
  2. Hamid Ansari’s editorial on Palestine, Islamic Revolution, and with a Distinctive look




Subjects of interviews:


  1. Israel and Final Solution of Palestinian Problem/ Musavi Bojnurdi
  2. The massacre of al-Aqsa Mosque performers of prayers made Intefaza blaze/ Sayyed Aliakbar Mohtasham
  3. Resistance of Palestine against Crackdown and Humilation/ Sayyed Ataollah Mohajerani
  4. Israel, America, Terrorism/ Abujihad
  5. Fighting against Israel/ Abu Mohammad Mustafa
  6. Israel, the danger that threatens people of the world/ Safioldin



Titles of Articles:


  1. Palestine/ Firuz Dowlatabadi
  2. Iranian Islamic Republic, a Constant Phenomenon against Peace Plan of Gazza/ Aliashraf Rabbani
  3. History of Israel’s Formation/ Sayyed Reza Mirtaher
  4. Performance of Intefaza and its Future/ Alimohammad Besharati
  5. Political Geography of Jerusalem (Sacred House)/ Nosratollah Tajik
  6. Iranian Islamic republic and Palestinian Intefaza/ Saydreza Mirtaher
  7. Imam Khomeini and Palestine/ Mesbahi
  8. Palestine in Spring of 1381, according to the Internet/ Firuz Mohajer and sahar Sajjadi
  9. Palestine, on the Outlook of Imam Khomeini/ Staff of Magazine Hozur
  10. Palestine, Roots of Ache/ Ali Baqeri Chiza


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